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The Rotary Club of Church and Oswaldtwistle is looking for new members who would like to join a friendly club and volunteer their time and talents to serve their communities both at home and overseas.
Many people in the Hyndburn area will be aware of the activities of theRotary club, raising funds with the Santa Sleigh, the Charity Ball,and the annual Walk 4 Your Charity (this year taking place on Sunday 19th May).
In addition, we take part in many various local community projects, for example clearing the canal banks of rubbish and plantingcrocuses with the objective of promoting goodwill between members of our communityandhelping to improvethe local environment.
It isnot all work!The club has a vibrant sports section, with badminton, table tennis and a successful bowling team, playing other Rotary clubs within the district.
The club meets weekly on Mondays for lunch (thefirst Monday in the month being an evening meeting), sometimes with a guest speaker and other times a club discussion on various club activities.
Membership in our club, which is by invitation and of course includes ladies, covers a cross section of people from all walks of life and all nationalities of which we are extremely proud.
We are always looking for younger members who perhaps,due to work commitments,cannot attend a lunchtime meeting but we also offer the flexibility ofattendingevening meetings, which we hold once per month.  We realise that Rotary may well meet the needs of people who are nearingretirement ageor retiredandare looking for a new and rewarding interest in their lives.
We are sure that you would be very comfortable in our club and would enjoy the camaraderie and satisfaction that membership of Rotary can bring.
If you would like further information, please contact Membership Chair, Sally Blenkinship on telephone number 01200-443064, or Michael Jackson, on telephone number 01254-200283.

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