The next annual Charity Walk organised by the Rotary Club of Church and Oswaldtwistle will take place on Sunday 19th May, 2013.

This year’s Walk attracted over 700 walkers who raised over £30,000 for Charities and good causes of their choice.
Rishton United Football Club who run many teams at both Junior Intermediate and Senior level including ladies teams entered 91 Walkers who raised much needed funds for football strips and club funds.

This football club have indicated that they hope to beat the 91 walkers in the 2013 Charity Walk with club members and volunteers aiming to raise significant funds for the implementation of a grand plan.

Rishton United Football Club are a very ambitious and go ahead organisation who together with their partner Norden High School wish to significantly improve the Council Football pitches for their home games played alongside the canal in Rishton.

The Club in partnership with Norden High School have had a report undertaked by PROFFITTS a professional firm who specialise in Community investment.
The initial idea behind the project came from Club members and from local residents who hire 2 pitches from Hyndburn Leisure-these pitches require constant maintenance due to soggy conditions, and without doubt require a complete overall.

Rishton United FC have been in existence for over 30 years and are run by an executive committee of 11 members who ensure the club is run efficiently and is solvent. The club has been awarded the Chartered Community Standard by the Lancashire Football Association, which reflects the hard work of the committee members and other volunteers.

The aim is to provide a community based facility which would ensure a safe environment for all involved. The purpose of the project is for the club to have its own building/ground and have a central location where all children and adults (male and female) could meet and train. The project emphasis is to take children off the streets and provide a community based service for generations to come.

The objectives of the report would be as follows:

Involvement of 140 young people from the existing club
approximately 400 local residents given the opportunity to become involved.

Involvement of 6 Stakeholders

Improvement of 38,000 squre metres of land

140 linear metres of path improvement

35 native trees planted

Picnic benches installed

Increase use of play and training on 4 pitches

760 linear metres of pedestrian barrier

4 small car parks created

1 club house created

The cost of this grand plan is around £1 million and the stakeholders could include

Local residents

Hyndburn Borough Council

Lancashire County Council

Hyndburn Leisure Trust

Sport England

Lancashire Football association

Football Foundation

Pitch Hire UK


The above Stakeholders have indicated funding of £250,000 for phase 1 with of course expectations for Rishton United Football Club to raise funds through different channels to show their commitment ie like taking part in the Rotary Club of Church and Oswaldtwistle annual Charity Walk.


Discussions with Simon O’Carroll and Chic Kelly committee members and a driving force with the Grand Plan indicate that the first and most important step is to achieve success with the local Council to get permission of the lease for the ground on reasonable terms over 25 years

The Council are discussing the question of the lease and a decision is expected by the summer of 2013.

The Rotary Club are pleased to be able to help in fund raising for this most impressive project.

Michael Jackson

Member of the Walk Committee.

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