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This is a page they have put on their website which gives people a flavour of their club and an idea of their character.  The membership committee have suggested we do something similar.

More information for those interested to join us.

The Rotary Club of Rushmoor has over 40 members (men and women) who normally meet each Wednesday evening commencing at 7:30 with a meal at 8pm.
The Club was  founded in 1985 to cater for people in the locality who were unable to meet at the, then traditional, lunchtime meetings. Since that time, the Club has established its own informal style and whilst focusing on helping both the local and international community, the members enjoy themselves through a variety of social activities.

Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds (business, professional, community, tradesmen etc.) and use their personal and vocational skills in the various projects that the Club undertakes.

Read/ download one of our leaflets by clicking the link on the left or here.

Examples of Club Projects include:

Donkey Derby  – Annual Community event raises £’000s for charities.

Freewheeling – Mobility for Southern Africa – Distribution of wheelchairs and other mobility aids, over 23,000 wheelchairs have been sent so far.

Accessible Boating – taking elderly or disabled people on a specially adapted canal boat on the Basingstoke Canal

Young Photographer Competition for local schools (with Farnborough Abbey)

Links with other local organisations:
Lions; Social Services; Citizens Advice Bureau, Rushmoor Voluntary Services, Knellwood, Devereux House, The Source, Step by Step etc

Pro Am Charity Day 
An annual event organised with Southwood Golf Club which raises over £5000 for a nominated local charity.

Kids Out  – A day of fun – an old English village fete – for children in the local area.

CONCERTS – Jazz and musicals to raise funds

SPORTS: – Indoor & outdoor – competitions with other Rotary Clubs

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