Leprosy Misson Presentation by Derek Hartley

Some quick notes from Derek’s clear, concise and very well presented talk:

  1. the leprosy bacillus occurs in poor areas
  2. it cannot normally be transmitted just by touching someone
  3. a leprosy cure was found in 1982
  4. leprosy corrective surgery is possibly and is being carried out particularly in Christian hospitals
  5. Leprosy is easily diagnosed and the initial anti-biotics can be provided in the local communty
  6. The Christian mission does a lot of work helping cured lepers integrate into their community
  7. It costs just £15 for a course of vaccines
  8. There are approximately 1/2 million cases in the world

The song of an Indian Hindu man wrote whilst being cured from leprosy. He wrote is as he was converted to Christianity:

Jesus, the warmth of your flame is burning in my heart
The light of your love is glowing in my heart

For my life you have shed your blood
Even death knows it – that you sustain me.

In the midst of storms my life’s boat was struggling
I reached the shore against the waves of the sea

A light sparkled in my heart, the darkness of sin vanished
On the veil of your glorious vision I am moving towards you.

Bhagwanta Laxmanrao Ingle – c/o The Leprosy Mission, Kothara Hospital,
Maharashtra State, India 2011

Do have a look at the amazing pictures here: leprosy talk extract – before and after.pdf

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