National Rail Museum YORK – 28th October?


In 2013, we’re (NRM) marking the 75th anniversary of Mallard’s achievement with a series of commemorative events, including three spectacular opportunities to see the record breaker united with its five surviving sister locomotives: a family reunion on an international scale. Underway right now is our first ‘Great Gathering’ (3-17 July) which is a free, non-ticketed event.

Only six of the 35 A4 locomotives built survive in the world. We’ve temporarily repatriated Dwight D Eisenhower and US, Dominion of Canada, from their home museums in Canada and the

Autumn Great Gathering (York)

26 October–8 November 2013. 10am-6pm. FREE
A second chance to see Mallard and its sisters around the turntable at York, Please note that due to unanticipated engineering works Union of South Africa will regrettably not be on display from 31 October – 4 November, Selected evenings are part of the annual Illuminating York festival

d its five surviving sister A4 locomotive

s will mark the calendar anniversary of Mallard’s record-breaking run by Union of South Africa and Bittern – plus

Please get back to me if you are interested in a joint venture by rail from Accrington to York, either to shop for the day in this wonderful City or to see the `Great Gathering` perhaps we could consider Monday 28th October, which is a `club-discussion` day?

If there is sufficient interest I will make further enquiries re train fares etc. thanks

Ian S. McTurk

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