Using social media for Church and Oswaldtwistle Rotary Club


My light bulb moment!  Here is my draft template for how to work it.

Webmaster to be copied in on all emails in the club.  Ask everyone to circulate attachments as either pdf’s or jpeg’s since they will be auto-published by WordPress, Twitter and Facebook.

Webmaster to use WordPress email account to forward any appropriate emails to this WordPress site.  WordPress will attach links for documents and add photo’s to the blog.  WordPress will then post the result to Twitter.  The tweet will be take the subject of the post as it’s line and add the rest as a link – including attachment or photo (I hope).  In this way we will keep the following up-to-date

  1. this website
  2. our twitter feed
  3. our Facebook site

and in the future we can add more links

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