Kathryn Marks from East Lancs NHS initiated a lively discussion on defibrillators after explaining her role in nursing.

IMG_3023She explained that defibrillators come now with both written and verbal instructions and assured us they were simple enough even for Rotarians to use!


There is more emphasis nowadays on chest compressions which should be done at the rate of 2 per second.  Just lay the person flat on their back, chin up, head unsupported and start the compressions.  The compressions need to be quite deep – sufficient to compress the heart and get the blood flowing round the system.  A judgement needs to be made between how much pressure to apply – a small framed woman in her 70’s will need less pressure than a strapping young construction worker.

Ian McTurk explained that Rotary clubs across Lancashire are working to develop a database on where defibrillators are kept. It was not clear how this information is to be disseminated.  Richard Wallwork mentioned batchgeo which can be used to import data into a google map to display where things are with appropriate icons. Ian went on to tell us that Great Harwood are looking into buying two external wall mounted defibrillators available for the use of the local community.

Kathryn has been asked to come back with plastic dolls (no comments please Doreen!) so that we can practice chest compressions.  She will also bring a defib or two!  Kathryn emphasised how easy the defibs are to use and that we should not hesitate.

Colin commented “they’re dead otherwise so just friggin’ do it!”

We talked about Rotary clubs raising money to instal defibrillators in places like 24 hours supermarkets.  Kathryn said we should also have a look at a charity called pumping marvellous.

Richard Wallwork


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  1. Interesting talk; this coincides with a mini talk/demo given by a team of 3 volunteer first responders, lead by Simon Doyle. (Pendle View Rotary Club) My wife & I attended this session last Thursday evening at Great Harwood Community Center, the evening lasted 2 & 1/2 hours. I would fully recommend Simon’s presentation, if members want to learn a great deal about CPR and the use of defibrillators, this course ought to be considered if members wish?
    To accommodate, we could perhaps consider holding one of our evening meetings, requesting only sandwiches etc. ensuring that everyone gained the most from this excellent, up-to-date presentation?

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