How to managage your files on a Windows platform

Confusingly the name of the file management tool in Windows is called Windows Explorer.  It has nothing to do with the internet! File management is really useful if you want to be able to find a file that you have created in the past.  It is also useful if you want to use the Dropbox in full.

Tasks that can be done with Windows Explorer

  1. Create a folder
  2. Save a file
  3. Move a file
  4. Copy a file into another folder
  5. Delete a file
  6. Re-name a file
  7. Search for a file using file name, a word in the content, date created, date modified…
  8. Display icons
  9. Display file details
  10. Display pictures
  11. Display files by size, date created, date last modified…

Please find below a set of useful articles on the internet to help you learn how to best use Windows Explorer for your own requirements.

  • Here are some different ways to open Windows Explorer.
  • Here is a clear picture of the main layout of Windows Explorer for Windows 7.  It is helpful to understand each of the icons / display areas of the screen.
  • Click here for an introduction for an old version of Windows – Windows XP.  However most of the comments are still valid even if the screen shots are different.
  • For those using Windows 8 things are made easier using a ‘ribbon’ at the top of the Windows Explorer screen. Here is an explanation.
  • There are some useful explanations and exercises in this Windows for Beginners website.
  • This is how Microsoft explains how to use Search in Windows 8.


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