Calvert Trust Visit – 22ND / 29TH MARCH 2014 – for two pupils at Broadfield Specialist School

This year two candidates and their carers were sent to the Calvert Trust at a cost of £2,200 they were:- Lewis Baker-Vose aged 18 years and his carer Colin Batterick. Lewis has taken part in our walk with his carer. Lewis and Colin were driven to the Calvert Trust by his parents. Rebekah Banks is a pupil at Broadfield Specialist School and was accompanied by her carer Anna Pye. Rebekah and Anna were driven to the Calvert Trust by Lee Bentley, Community Co-ordinator at Broadfield. I have since been in contact with Lee at Broadfield and Mrs. Baker-Vose, I was told that Lewis and Rebekah had a wonderful time, an experience they will never forget. I have arranged for Lee Bentley and Anna Pye to give a presentation about the event on the 12th May – also Franco has been asked to take photographs of Lewis and Rebekah. Together with the photographs Michael J. will put together another brilliant article for the press. After speaking to Lee and Mrs. Baker-Vose it made me realize what fantastic work Dr. Ruth Jeffcote and her team at the Calvert Trust do.



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