How to create club handbook including members and speakers

  1. Create a simple list of speakers with no table or other formatting in Word – see example in Dropbox ^ Membership ^ 2014-5
  2. Log into the template website and go into Admin section
  3. Update all members details with mobile numbers, email addresses etc
  4. handbook notes
  5. Go to Handbook notes and paste in the list of speakers from the Word document
  6. Go to the Member’s area tab (NOT ADMIN) and Right click
  7. At the bottom: Search & directories
  8. Search for members to create handbook
  9. Make sure the tick box is activated for the Club of Church & Oswaldtwistle and select the year you want
  10. Press ‘search’
  11. Use the drop-down box marked ` to get report or club handbook etc.`
  12. Choose Club handbook standard
  13. In the top right of screen; click on ‘Shuffled, & Print’

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