Emails – adding an automatic signature if you use Outlook

I have been asked by one member how I have managed to put the Rotary symbol below, in my automatic signature.

If you are interested, and use Microsoft outlook, consider following this;

· First of all copy the attached logo into your `My Pictures`, then,

· Open you email outlook

· Click `file`

· Click `Options`

· Click `mail`

· Click `signatures`

Here you can type in what you require; i.e. your sincerely, yours faithfully, your name etc. plus email address, web address, Facebook address.

Then to insert the Rotary logo, click on the little icon near the right hand side (Looks like a mountain with a sun over it) – this will take you to `My Pictures` where you choose the Rotary logo, and insert it into your signatures. Re-size to suit what you like best, and good luck.

Ian S. McTurk

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