Our Dinner Bell!

In 1978 Mrs M Thorpe presented Church and Oswaldtwistle Rotary club with a dinner bell on a wooden table display in rememb rance of her late husband , Mr J Thorpe and his associa tion with the Rotary club of Church and Oswaldtwistle .

I was a sked to create a new R otary table display or refurbish the existing one. This display is now at least 36 years old and has been present at all the meetings held over this period ,

I believe this to be one our few genuine heirlooms . I decided to refurbish the display , as many features have been added to the bell by all past presidents and se creta ries i.e. marks left by cutlery used to ring the bell as the clapper was missing.

As the support post was loose I had to remove the bell and brass mounting arm and also the circular wooden plate which has the name of Church and Oswaldtwistle Rotary Club engraved round the edge.

Felt was removed from the base and circular plate and all the wooden parts were sanded down. The base at some time had been broken and repaired and appeared sound. The base and post were reassembled, glued and re-wedged. My brother – in -law, Brian Sutch then re-varnished it all.

As the bell did not have a clapper I had to manufacture one and also attach a lanyard. I straightened the brass support post , attached the bell to it and attached them to the wooden central support .The engraved wooden plate was re-attached and a n adhesive Rotary Logo stuck on the face. The silver plaque naming Mr. J. Thorpe was then cleaned and re-attached to the base.

I hope the bell sees many more years of service to our club.


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