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The ninth annual Charity Walk organised by the Rotary Club of Church and Oswaldtwistle was held on Sunday 18th May and sunny skies greeted the walkers as they attempted the 5 and 10k events.

The Mayor of Hyndburn Judith Addison was present to wish the walkers well as they left Junction 7 Business Park and BBC Radio Lancashire personality Sally Naden headed the 10k walkers and completed the course in an excellent time.
Round about 500 people took part in what is one of Hyndburn’s big event of the year and it was very pleasing to see so many walkers being sponsored for so many local charities and good causes. It is estimated that the marvellous figure of more than £25,000 was raised which all goes to the appropriate charity.
30 stewards from local Rotary clubs together with 7 volunteers from INSPIRE manned the route which meant that this was truly a combined event which is an excellent example of how local organisations can come together for a grand community project.
The musical group Blowjangles were on hand at the start and finish with their lively music and colourful outfits. The prize for the best fancy dress competition was awarded to Kelly Stewart of INSPIRE who received a £50 cheque for her charity. EL Cheerleaders, who have supported this walk so well over the years, provided a great welcome back to the walkers as they completed the course. Some of the young ones in the troupe had only joined three weeks ago and still managed to perform a routine in public – well done them!

Ron Pickup organiser of the walk paid tribute to the public for turning out in such large numbers and also to all Hyndburn volunteers and help from Accrington based Inspire saying “ This event continues to be so successful and the Rotary Clubs are proud to be associated in raising such a grand figure all of which goes to the Charity or good cause of the Walkers choice”.
Lewis Baker-Vose the brave local teenager who has cerebral palsy completed the 10k walk in his wheelchair with his helper and raised funds for East Lancashire Hospice. Lewis over the years has raised more than a £1,000 for the Hospice.
Rotary District Governor Kevin Walsh who oversees 71 Rotary Clubs in the North West of England, completed the 10k walk together with his wife Wendy. Kevin paid tribute to the Rotary Club of Church and Oswaldtwistle saying “ Top marks to all the local Rotary Clubs who helped make this event so successful, this is a first class example of Rotary embracing the public of Hyndburn, and I was more than pleased to take part”

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