How to increase Google ranking

Here is an extract from a WordPress blog.  A key way is to get more visitors.  So let’s have a target for each club member to visit the site at least once a week.

By the way most of these tips are for the Webmaster so don’t feel the need to read any further!!

  • Make sure to use short, easy-to-read post slugs that accurately describe what your posts are about. On, the post slug is the last part of your post title, which you can edit to be anything you like. For example, the slug “/buying-sailboats” is better than “/how-to-buy-a-beautiful-inexpensive-sailboat-on-Craigslist” or “/354.”post slug
  • Create a descriptive tagline for your blog that explains what your site is about. For example, a strong tagline for our sailboat site might be “On sailboats, sailing, and sailors. Ahoy!”
  • Use narrow and specific keywords that will help interested readers find your site. If you yourself were looking for information on this subject, what search terms might you try? Be sure to use those terms once or twice in your post, assuming they are relevant. But don’t use them fifty times.

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