2014 –‘ KIDS DAY OUT’

The Annual Rotary ‘Kids Day Out’ took place on Wednesday 11th June 2014.  Rotarians: Tony Davies, Maureen Hartley and Ken Freeman and Ken’s wife Ann, had a super day with 33 children from Whiteash Specialist School, Oswaldtwistle. Deputy Head: Mrs. Sarah Holt and her team of 21 Teachers and carers accompanied the children on their adventure.

The coach arrived at Wellybobs at 10.30am. the weather was warm and dry. On arrival the children were let loose in the Adventure Room with Slides, Bouncy Castle and a Hay Bale Maze. Afterward the party was split into two groups, each group had it’s own guide. The children were allowed to hold all manner of small animals, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. then on to the pony rides which the children loved. There was a ¾ of an hour break when a packed lunch was enjoyed.

After lunch the guides brought in two snakes, a small Boa Constrictor and Python a Chameleon, a Geeko (lizard) and two Tortoise for the children to touch, they also fed all manner of goats and pigs. To end our day we all went on a walk to see the Jacob sheep, Reindeer, and Shire horse. Further down the lane were Llamas which the children were allowed to walk amongst, feed and touch.

 The children enjoyed every minute of their time at Wellybobs. When we were leaving they gave us three cheers to say thank you to Rotary for giving them such a good day out.


Maureen Hartley

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