We went a-scattering …

The following reports were made:

Ian went to Padiham – small club, good welcome, may welcome support for their duck race

Mike Hindle and others went to Preston (see pic) for a football talk and they all sat together!!  Great talk though.

David Spiller and others went to Great Harwood and Rishtion where they were made most welcome.  The visitors were spread out by use of name tags. Great evening with a long but enjoyable speech from broadcaster and Lancashire fanatic Stephen Lowe.

Ian also went to Leyland to hear about lifeboats and sat next to a potential speaker from their club.

Richard went to Clitheroe (hence all the pics!) where he was made welcome and got some ideas from their club assembly.  He felt that Club Assemblies were good meetings to attend.  He suggested to Bill Honeywell swapping ideas on our walk and their bike ride.


Richard Wallwork

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