Rotary: A Song for End Polio Now – Please Read, action and pass on.

Fellow Rotarians and friends

We have been working for almost 30 years towards the eradication of polio and we are almost there. From over a thousand new cases a day we are down to less than a handful a week. 2.5 billion children have been immunised and millions have been saved the suffering of this awful disease. Rotary was there at the start of the cause and we are still here at the end.
Polio this close
This request to download the song ‘Through the Centuries’ to Promote and Raise funds for Polio Eradication, should not be news to you. Every DG and hopefully every club in RIBI has received the information through the Service Newsletters and direct emails at least twice. I do hope it has filtered through the club to your inbox too. 55,000 Rotarians should all be aware of this request. You can multiply that by sending it out to your family and friends too.
This brand new song with your support, could help us in the final push towards the eradication of Polio. An emerging band called Mashville with members from the Rotary Club of Canterbury Sunrise in D1120, have released their first album which contains a special track called Through the Centuries’ all about Rotary and our fight for the eradication of Polio. You can listen to the track and watch the video on You Tube at . It is catchy, it is thought provoking it is potential gold for the end polio cause.
But we don’t want you to just watch and listen. We need you to go onto iTunes and download the song to your PC, Laptop, tablet and phone. Please do it today, or in the next week because if we achieve 5000 downloads in this short period, it will stand a very good chance of finding its way into the UK top 40. If we get say 15,000 downloads, then it could make the top twenty, with the radio airplay and interviews that go with  a rising tune.
To download this song and help us with the EPN programme you need simply to
1.      start up iTunes on your laptop or other device. Installation is easy if you don’t have it. Here is the link It does take just a few minutes.
2.      Goto to the iTunes Store through the button at the top right of the iTunes screen
3.      Type in Mashville in the search box and you will see their album ‘Door to Texas’ and all its tracks.
4.      Select ‘Through the Centuries and hit the button that says 79p and buy it. You may need to open an account, but it won’t take long and opens you up to a wealth of music including those albums that you once had on vinyl. You will be amazed what is still available.
Remember – If you don’t know how to use iTunes, then your children or perhaps your grandchildren most definitely will. Get them all to download it. It is a wonderful investment in the End Polio Now programme.
Thank you so very much and remember 59p of the cost goes to the EPN fund.

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