Crown Green Bowls Champions

Final game against  Accrington a 3-0 win means we are the CHAMPIONS again.
Team in the final game:-

Alan Leeming and Stuart Duhan Won 21-2 ,
Mike Hindle, M.Aslam, Won 21-12
Frank Potter and George Blenkinship Won 21-11

Stuart Duhan  and Alan Leeming easily won thier game and then Alan took over keeping score when at 12-12 and we went on to win 21-12.  Alan then took over the scoring for our final game at 11-11 and again he inspired the team and we won that game 21-11.  I vote for Alan Leeming to keep score for all our games in the future.Well Done Alan.  We were also inspired by our supporters Jim and Richard. Thank You

Finally I would like to congratulate and Thank every one at our club for making us Champions for the second year running.


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