A visit to the above farm organised by President Ian and attended by 20 Rotarians and friends was a great success.

The owners of the farm Malcolm and Stephen Leeming gave up their limited time to show us around their establishment, showing us the entire process of producing milk from start to finish.   The modern farm is of extremely efficient and highly computerised and apart from one full time employee the farm is run by the 2 brothers which means a 4.00am start each morning to produce 7,000 litres of milk daily  from 230 cows.   MJ after seeing what is involved in this operation would strongly advise any Rotarian from thinking of buying a milk producing farm! you had to observe all the operations needed by 3 men to ensure a smooth and regular consistent output of milk every day of the year-their work input is unbelieveable.

All those present were very, very impressed with the 2 brothers and MJ has sent them a thank you letter on behalf of our Rotary club.

Michael J

P.S. Some of us even went down a 1960’s cold war bunker designed for the VIP’s of Ribble Valley.  Cosy with just two people!!  And a number of us went to Holden Clough nursery for tea afterwards – a great selection on those little picnic tables! [Ed.]

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