“Brunel – Father & Son” – A talk on November 10th from one of our favourite speakers…MJ

Marc Brunel – Father

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Why not invite a friend to this meeting?  Here’s Michaels taster.

Did you Know???
Marc Brunel (Father) born in France became British, dug the first tunnel under water (1825-43)-the Thames. His invention the GREAT SHIELD is still the principle today of boring tunnels throughout the world.
His son Isambard Kingdom Brunel,born in England, built the Clifton Suspension bridge, and at the same time built the Great Western railway from Bristol to London with a wide gauge of 7 feet (eventually having to change it 50 years later to standard gauge 4 feet 8 and a half inches).
Isambard also built three ships, definitely world beaters, between 1838-1859 (the year of his death at 53).
The GREAT WESTERN, the GREAT BRITAIN and the GREAT EASTERN the latter was not beaten in tonnage for 50 years.
The Great Britain took the first English cricket team to Australia in 1861, we were so good our 11 players played against their 15!!!!  How times have changed!!
In a  BBC poll of the most famous Britons, Isambard came 2nd behind Winston Churchill. an amazing Engineer but sadly shareholders in all his projects were out of pocket!!!

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