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Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Church and Oswaldtwistle have embarked on a programme of cleaning up the local Church and Oswaldtwistle Railway Station with the objective of making it one of the best kept Stations on the East Lancashire line.

Crocus planting has recently been completed with a few thousand bulbs being planted in and around the Station, hopefully during May 2015 it is intended that both platforms will be in full bloom with the planting of multi coloured begonias.

Cleaning on the platform for trains to Colne has already started which has resulted in the removal of both moss and many weeds on the entire length of this platform, and a start will then be made on the platform for trains to Blackpool.

This cleaning programme has been carried out with the cooperation of Station Manager Chris Ingham of Northern Rail who will be providing help and assistance from time to time, first by spraying both platforms with anti moss growth now that all the moss between the tiles has been removed, then later with help painting the entrances.

Phase 2 will concentrate in cleaning and painting the entrances to both platforms and phase 3 the installing of planting boxes to hold the begonias when May comes along.

Ian McTurk President of the Rotary Club said” Our club is fully committed in improving the appearance of the Railway Station, and I am pleased we are getting many volunteers from our members to carry out this work. Our Crocus planting of 5000 bulbs in the local area includes many planted around the approaches to the station”.

Besides help from Northern Rail we are getting assistance from Nick Pitman, General Manager of Oswaldtwistle Mills who have provided funds for the purchase of the crocus bulbs.

Northern Rail station Manager Chris Ingham said “we are delighted to be working closely with the Rotary Club and the local volunteers to improve the station environment and platforms for our customers and the community.”

Mohammed Aslam the club’s Community Chairman said “This is one of our projects that will make the people of Church and Oswaldtwistle very proud of their Railway Station. As a lot of work is involved we would welcome anyone prepared to help say 2 to 3 hours on a Saturday morning to contact me on telephone 01254 0236300 or mobile 07815490337”.

The photograph shows Aslam Mohammed, Chris Ingham and Michael Jackson on the platform to Colne which has been cleaned and the Platform to Blackpool yet to be cleaned showing moss and weeds.


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