Group emailing: How to use Mad Mimi


The Mad Mimi home page will introduce you to the concept and features of MadMimi.  Although designed to deliver marketing campaigns it is an ideal communication tool for groups.  We have managed to obtain a free up-grade to all groups to work.

An introductory video

Mad Mimi Composer – < 2 minutes


And there are numerous other help topics in the ‘Get Started’ section of the  Mad Mimi help web pages.

For people wanting to go past the  beginners stage you might want to look here at “Get to know your Mad Mimi Dashboard”

An introductory slide show

Here is an on-line slide show that takes you through in detail how to set up an account through to sending an email to a group of people.  There are quite a few slides you can ignore and ignore any of the slides after 56.


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