Deafway and the Navajoti School for the Nepal

P1000820Keith Cameron told us about the visit by a group from his Rotary club to two schools established by the charity Deafway in the Nepal.

Deafway is a Preston based Charity which provides  a service not just for people in Lancashire, but also internationally.
In Nepal the Charity help to support several older person day centres, ( but these are in danger of closing due to shortage of funds).
In Pokhara, the second city of Nepal, the Charity established a school for deaf children. This now has approximately 300 pupils (mainly but not all borders). The Nepalese government has taken over responsibility for the running costs, but Deafway are still involved in helping with capital projects at the school.
At Sindhuli, in rural eastern Nepal, Deafway have now assisted in the establishment of another school which has 80 pupils, all borders. The government support two teachers (out of nine) and pay for the food costs. The remainder of the running costs, £21,300 per year, is provided by Deafway.
Two Rotary Clubs from Preston (Preston and Preston Guild) are contributing to these running costs as best they can, for a period of three years. The two clubs have also agreed to pay for the incidental costs ( uniform, travel, stationery etc) for three pupils from the Sindhuli school to spend two years of higher education at the Pokhara school. This amounts to £160 per pupil per year.
Deafway arranged for a party from the two clubs to visit their Nepal projects in May this year. In return the Clubs have agreed to publicise the work done by the Charity in that country.

Here is a link to the Nepalese section of the Deafway website.  And here is a video from that site

It was a sobering talk but marvellous to see what a great job is being done by Deafway in a country that really values education.

Deafway are looking for help and we will invite them to get involved in our Rotary Walk.

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