A joint arrangement together with the Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School and the Rotary Club of Church and Oswaldtwistle, has resulted in hundreds of out of date computers being sent to disadvantaged children in Africa.

This project spearheaded by Carmel Cunliffe from the Rhyddings School and assisted by the Rotary Club of Church & Oswaldtwistle who have organised the transport arrangements, has meant that children Africa will have the opportunity to access Information Technology.

Carmel Cunliffe, Business Manager at the Rhyddings School said “To bring our students up to date with technology we have had to replace old equipment with modern computers so that every student will have the opportunity to fully develop their IT skills. We are very thankful that the local Rotary Club have found a deserving home where these computers can be put to good use”.

The Rotary Club have sourced ITSA (IT Schools Africa) a company in Cheltenham who work in conjunction with International Aid of Preston. ITSA was established in 2004 and up to date have sent over 44,000 computers to Africa, equipping 1,500 schools to be able to go line, which has meant an estimated 3 million school children now have computer access.

ITSA refurbish the computers before sending them to Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. ITSA distributes the computers on a cost-recovery basis; the schools pay a proportion of costs involved in the refurbishment and shipping of the computers. It also means that the computers are used to their full potential, with some schools opting to use the computers for out of school IT classes.

Jim Hargreaves, Youth Chairman for the Rotary Club of Church and Oswaldtwistle said “Our Rotary Club work very closely with Rhyddings School and in particular with Carmel Cunliffe. We are delighted to be involved with this very special project, especially as we have recently been involved in 2 water and toilet schemes in Africa, and have seen first-hand how children in Africa are disadvantaged. Our club wish to thank ITSA and International Aid for arranging the computers to be sent to Africa. We are certain that they will be put to good use”.

The photos show (a) Rotarians preparing to load up the van with old computers and (b) Students loading the van with old computers



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