Many distinguished guests attended a recent open meeting at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel, when the purpose of the evening was to show people the achievements of the Rotary club of Church and Oswaldtwistle over the past year, and hopefully encourage a few prospective Rotarians to emerge.

The club was pleased to welcome 3 members of Hyndburn Borough Council, Councillors Miles Parkinson, Kath Pratt and Judith Addison. The Assistant Governor for the Rotary South East District, Miles Leadbeater was also present.

Membership is the lifeblood of every Rotary club and if all the projects are to be achieved there is a minimum number of 30-35 members to ensure the club succeeds in all its ventures locally, nationally and overseas. This means the club is looking for 3 or 4 new members.

President Ian McTurk impressed the audience with a first class presentation that highlighted the work the club continues to do, particularly the Big Charity Walk which raises approximately £30,000 per year for charities and good causes, the ever popular Santa sleigh, many Youth programmes with local High Schools, cleaning up the local railway station, involvement with the blind Society, participating in a large international water project in Nepal, and many other projects to help to improve the local community.

The club is very proud of having members from all walks of life and it attained a remarkable record 10 years ago when in 3 successive years the Presidents were ladies. We were the first Rotary club in the United Kingdom to arrive at such a situation, which highlights the forward thinking of its members.

Membership Chairman Harun Miah, welcomed Mary Bradley, guest speaker who is the Membership Chairman for Rotary clubs in Lancashire and Cumbria. Mary gave an inspiring speech underlining the necessity for the continued drive for new members.

Harun Miah emphasised that the Rotary club of Church and Oswaldtwistle was a very friendly club who are seen as one of the best in the North West for their go ahead attitude, and would welcome people of all ages, religions, men and women to consider being a member. The friendship between members is very much valued.

President Ian McTurk said ” I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Membership Chairman Harun for organising this Membership Drive and the various Chairpersons and committee members for the successful projects that the club is carrying out. We are an energetic club that wants to show the community the good work carried out by Rotary”.


Any members of the public who like to know more about being a prospective member of our Rotary club should contact Harun Miah on 01254 887633 or President Ian McTurk on 01254 886995


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